Tina's Longarm Stitches Provides Longarm Quilting Services

Helpful Information

Longarm Quilting


To calculate the square inches in your quilt top, measure the width and the length, then multiply these two numbers. This will give you the total number of square inches.Example: A quilt that measures 60” x 80” = 4,800 square inches x .015 = $72. 


A pantograph is a quilting pattern. Pantographs come in an unlimited number of patterns, styles and types, all of which add texture and design to the finished quilt. If I don’t have the pattern in my inventory that meets your needs, I am happy to search online resources for just the perfect pantograph for your quilt.




The following checklist will ensure that your quilt top is ready to be quilted

  • Press your quilt top. Seams should be pressed to one side, not pressed open.
  • Trim all hanging threads from the back and edges.  Unclipped threads can show through light areas of the quilt.
  • Quilting does not correct piecing problems. Wavy borders, puckers and pleats will not be fixed by quilting.  I will do my best to work with these problems but cannot guarantee that all problems can be “quilted out”.
  • If your quilt top or backing has a definite top, please mark this with a safety pin.



When you drop off (or mail) your quilt top to me, I will give you an estimated completion date. If you need your quilt by a specific date, please let me know.

T-Shirt Quilts

 When you send your shirts, I require a  50% down payment.  The balance is to be paid upon completion of the quilt.  If I’m mailing your quilt to you, I will wait until payment is received before the quilt is mailed.  If I am meeting you in person to deliver your quilt, I will expect payment to be made at that time.  Your understanding is appreciated. 

Invoices, Shipping, and Payments

You will receive a detailed invoice for my services once we have decided on design(s).  This invoice will include all charges except for return shipping charges.  

Please email me when you ship your items.  I will email you as soon as I receive them. Payment in full is required prior to shipment of completed items. 

I invoice via Paypal unless other arrangements are made.